veterinary services Junction City, KS
At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC we offer everything that is expected of an experienced, professional veterinary surgeon operating in a largely rural area of Kansas. With the exception of reptiles, all animals are treated here either for ailments or at our regular wellness consultations. Dr Theresa McCreath provides nutritional counselling with recommendations on what food and treats are best for their pets or farm animals. We also provide suggestions for dental, vaccinations, and heartworm/flea/tick prevention, as well as recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health status and risk factor.

Dentistry Junction City, KS


Dental care is vital to the overall health of any pet. Dental disease can lead to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys and has the potential to seep into your pet’s bloodstream. In fact, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over three years of age suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common pet health issue among our pet population.

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Surgery Junction City, KS


Dr. McCreath also performs a variety of surgical procedures at our vet hospital here in Junction City. They range from straightforward neutering to more advanced operations such as cancer treatment. She also does house calls to homes and farms in the area, and is on hand for emergency call-outs. ‘Compassionate, experienced care for your four-legged friends’ is our slogan and it is one we live by.

The surgical procedures we carry out at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC range from orthopedic work on bones and joints to fracture repair and cancer treatment. Dr McCreath has more than 19 years of experience performing soft tissue surgeries in areas such as skin, body cavities, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and respiratory tracts.

We also provide laser therapy, elective surgery, and emergency surgery.
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X-rays Junction City, KS


At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital in Junction City, KS, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. Radiology is a technique and diagnostic tool that we use to look inside the body in an entirely non-invasive way. X-rays allow us to create images of all the body's organs.

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Spay And Neuter Junction City, KS

Spay And Neuter

It is important to spay and neuter your pet cats and dogs early, so you are not faced with a litter of unwanted kittens or puppies. We recommend that cats should be spayed between the age of five months and seven months, and that dogs should be neutered at six months. The surgeries are considered routine and can be performed at our clinic.

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Microchipping Junction City, KS


Microchipping is a straightforward procedure, and we carry it out here for the protection of your pets, and to help you find them if they get lost. Dr McCreath will simply inject a microchip about the size of a grain of rice just under the surface of your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. The process takes only a few seconds, and the pet will not react any more than he would to vaccination.

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Vaccinations Junction City, KS


Animals need vaccinations for a variety of health reasons and, at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC, Dr McCreath provides routine injections to animals of all shapes and sizes from pets such as dogs and cats to farm animals including horses and even cattle. Vaccinations include rabies, canine distemper, feline distemper, feline leukemia virus, and Bordetella.

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Wellness Exams Junction City, KS

Wellness Exams

At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital in Junction City, KS, we believe that regular checkups and wellness exams are critical to your pets' well-being. These wellness exams give us a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet while also giving us a baseline for their unique bodies and tendencies.

They are a man’s best friend, and we invest a great deal of love and time in our pet dogs. So if you notice any unusual behavior or your pooch appears sickly, then bring them straight to Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC here in Junction City, Kansas. We have more than 19 years of experience as a fully-fledged ‘dog doctor’, Dr McCreath will administer dog shots or whatever is required to bring your pet back to health.

Pet cats may be independent creatures, but they still need a lot of medical care – and that is where the experienced, compassionate team at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC comes into play. We run wellness clinics to check on your cat’s general health, and if it needs surgery we can perform any routine or advanced procedure at our cat hospital. If your pet cat takes ill outside hours and it becomes an emergency situation, we will make a sick call to your house.

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Nutritional Counseling Junction City, KS

Nutritional Counseling

At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC we offer specialist nutrition consulting to ensure your pets enjoy a consistently healthy diet. Many problems associated with cats and dogs are a direct result of poor dietary plans, and the suggestions we offer are geared towards keeping your pets healthy. We will make suggestions as to what to feed the animal and on what treats to give him.

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Flea & Tick Control Products Junction City, KS

Flea & Tick Control Products

Preventative treatment is recommended for pet owners, and that includes flea and tick prevention for cats and dogs. Flea collars are very useful, and we also suggest using a liquid solution that you can apply directly on to the skin of your pet’s back and neck. Remember, if you wait until you see fleas on your dog, then getting rid of the problem will be more challenging and costly.

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Parasite Prevention Junction City, KS

Parasite Prevention

The idea of your pet being infested with parasites is a disturbing thought, but it's also a medical issue that can have serious consequences if not properly dealt with or prevented. Parasites pose a variety of health issues for our pets, who can be very susceptible to certain parasites depending on age, region, and other factors.

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Ultrasound Junction City, KS


Ultrasound uses sound waves to offer a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free method of imaging your pets' internal organs. Providing this service is one of the many ways that we show how dedicated we are to providing your pet with the best care possible.

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Onsite Diagnostics Junction City, KS

Onsite Diagnostics

Our hospital provides a wide variety of in-house diagnostic testing with the most state of the art technology available. It is our goal to provide your pet with the highest level of care possible, and our diagnostic tools help us do that.

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Large Animal Services

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC covers a rural area of Kansas, and many farms have large heads of animals including horses, cattle, and sheep. As a mobile veterinary practice, we often visit farms to check on the health and well-being of livestock and make emergency calls if required. We visit customers within a 75-mile radius of our location in Junction City.

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